Practice Areas

We specialize in personal injury cases.


Our lawyers are experienced litigators who understand the specific issues surrounding aviation regulations, accidents and incidents. A complex plane or helicopter crash case requires a lawyer with strong technical and legal skills, including a deep understanding of the Federal Aviation Regulations (FARs), the NTSB investigative process, and the law. We have this experience. Our attorneys have handled numerous aviation wrongful death matters, regulatory violations, and other types of aviation litigation. We offer our clients the legal background and financial resources to pursue cases against even the most formidable adversaries. We work hand-in-hand with the best aviation and economist experts to present a thoughtful but aggressive case for our clients.

We have been a part of multiple aviation matters involving a wide variety aircraft – from small, single-engine props to helicopters to major passenger jets like the Q400, Airbus 330 and the Boeing 737. We have been part of successful aviation trial teams on behalf of our clients, including wrongful death trials. We have also successfully resolved numerous aviation cases short of trial through advantageous settlements. We appreciate that each client is different, and take a thoughtful, client-specific approach to aviation litigation that enables us to do what is best for our clients.