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Elder-Nursing Home Abuse

With over 40 million Americans aged 65 or older, it sometimes becomes necessary for family members to help their older relatives transition into a living environment where they can be professionally supervised. When it comes time to put a parent or a loved one into an assisted living facility, you want to be rest assured that he or she will be receiving the highest possible quality of care.

Unfortunately, cases of elder and nursing home abuse are becoming more and more common today. Studies conducted by the National Center on Elder Abuse found 44 percent of older adults surveyed experienced abuse, and a shocking 95 percent were neglected, or noticed that fellow residents did not receive an adequate level of care. This may occur because the negligent caretakers believe the victims are too weak or scared to fight back.

We will fight for you and your loved ones. We provide strong representation for the people who have been harmed, while also offering support to their family members.

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